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After Funeral Service Memorial Decor Ideas

After Funeral Service Memorial Decor Ideas

An after funeral service memorial is your final tribute to your loved one, and should be just as special as the life it represents. The decor you choose to display can beautifully reveal special aspects of your loved one’s life, touch your guest’s hearts, and create a cheerful or lovely atmosphere to the celebration of life memorial you’re holding for the dearly departed. Lake Memorials has many Las Vegas after funeral service decor ideas that they feel are worth sharing to help you create a tribute that you can feel good about.


Create a Special Tribute to Your Loved One with These Celebrations of Life Decor Ideas

Everyone wants their dearly departed’s memorial service to perfectly represent the life they lived. They also want this celebration of life to be a beautiful service. One that will warm the hearts of the guests that knew your family member or friend that has passed away. This can be done by carefully selecting decor that makes the life your loved one lived shine, brings back fond memories for some, and presents them in a loving, caring, or fun, and personable way. The after funeral service coordinators at Lake Memorials in Las Vegas have a few wonderful ideas you can utilize. Let’s take a look at a few:

Display a Lovely Photo Flower Tribute Display

This post funeral service decor idea will create a beautiful display of special memories among cheerful flowers. If Lake Memorials in Las Vegas is hosting your celebration of life service, they can also assist you with most of the supplies.

What you will need:

  • Table: The size would depend upon the number of photos you would like to display.
  • Flowers: Flowers in vases of various heights would be best, enough to fill the table. The flowers you choose should be able to hold photos in place, whether it be within the petals, or between flowers or leaves.
  • Photo Frames: Frames with flower decorations are best, but any photo frame would be suitable.
  • Photographs: Gather your most cherished photos. Using copies of your photos is best to ensure the originals are kept safe.

Once you have all the essential elements, you simply arrange the flowers to your liking across the table. Then place photos of your loved one all throughout the flowers, placing them directly between petals, leaves, between flowers, so that they are securely in place. Next, place photo frames of your loved one on the table in front of the flowers, some pushed back near the vases, and some closer to the edge of the table to give it more depth. This display looks stunning and will draw your guests in to view your loved one’s photos that were arranged so creatively.

Decorate and Honor with Hobby & Career Memorabilia

Las Vegas Celebrations of Life Banquet Hall DecorIf your family member or friend who has passed away had a special hobby, a lifetime career, or something they just loved to do that would be worth sharing at their post funeral service, it would be a great way to add some personalized decor to the room. Here are a few examples that we have seen at our Las Vegas memorial services venue:

  • Writer: If your loved one was a writer at heart – books, poems, articles, and the like, you can place copies of their work throughout the room. It will give everyone a chance to recognize their talent, as well as keep entertained by reading what they have written.
  • Cook: Did your loved one love to cook? Did they have many recipes stashed in their kitchen? If so, making copies of these recipes and placing them on a table for your guests to take home is a fantastic idea to keep their memory alive.
  • Career Memorabilia:  Many celebrations of life post funeral services dedicate a table that holds memorabilia of their past career. This can include items pertaining to, let’s say their career as a police officer. In this case, maybe their badge, a pressed uniform, certificates, photos of them while working, and the like, can be added. It’s a touching and personal display to consider.

Present Memories of the Past with a Traditional Photo Board

This time-honored tradition of placing your photographs of your family member or friend on a poster board has been in use for many decades. It provides for an inexpensive way to decorate the after funeral memorial with cherished photos.

You can create a board style that will fit your loved one’s personality, or use a variety of colors that match your memorial service colors.

Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about what you may want your memorial board to look like:

  • Flower decals can dress it up a bit and also make it look outstanding.
  • Create a border frame by adding lace, or other items to the edges of the board.
  • Use professional sticky photo corners to hold the images in place.
  • Memorial photo boards can be self-standing, presented with an easel, or propped up against something.
  • You can have several boards placed throughout the room.
  • The center of the board can contain a large photo of the dearly departed, a letter, or poem.

Many Las Vegas after funeral service venues such as Lake Memorials are familiar with this type of tribute display, and can assist you in any way that’s needed.

Sowing Seeds of Love that Can Live on Forever

Las Vegas After Funeral Memorial Service Reception HallLet the memory of your special someone live on forever by providing sprouted plants, baby trees, potted flowers, or seeds to your guests that pay tribute to the dearly departed.

Once these items are planted at their homes, the memorial grows on year after year. It’s therefore a beautiful way to get everyone involved in paying tribute to their friend or family member who has passed away.

These items can be displayed on a table with a decorative sign that says something along the lines of “Keep their memory alive”. Please take one and plant it in honor of…”.

The table can be decorated with additional items such as photos, ribbons, or even celebration balloons. Plus, planting these items is a wonderful way to keep their memory alive for years to come, as well as dress up your Las Vegas after funeral reception hall.

Post Funeral Venue Commonly Asked Decor Questions

For many individuals and families, this is their first time planning a celebration of life memorial service. They are also typically dealing with extreme emotional distress and don’t have the strength or time to figure out every detail. This is where Lake Memorials celebration of life coordinators step in and take some of the planning and stress off their shoulders. We have years of experience and can answer any questions you may have.

Let’s take a look at a few questions that have come our way when it pertains to decorations or dressing up your Las Vegas post funeral service venue:

1. Are there typical post funeral banquet hall flowers?

There are a few flowers that are used more often than others when it comes to decorating your celebration of life venue. In addition to this, Lake Memorials can certainly assist you in choosing your Las Vegas after funeral service memorial venue flowers.

There are a variety of specific flowers, as well as certain flower arrangements you may want to consider. The colors of the flowers would all depend on what your preferences are. You may be seeking a more somber or celebratory mood. You can opt for flowers that are seasonal, no matter what their color, or choose colors based on your loved one’s favorites. Additionally, Keep in mind that certain flowers have stronger scents than others.

Here is a list of the most common type of flowers and flower arrangements used during our celebration of life services in Las Vegas:

2. Is it appropriate to use colorful, bright, happy colors at a memorial service?

It’s appropriate to decorate your after funeral memorial service with any color you feel fits the atmosphere you are after. However, there are many factors in determining the colors you would like to use in your celebration of life venue decor. Here are just a few examples:

  • Create a joyful atmosphere with bright yellows and pinks, and similar colors.
  • You can go the traditional memorial service route by using toned down darker colors.
  • Use colors that reflect the deceased personality, such as their favorite colors.

3. Do memorial service venues in Las Vegas assist in the setup process?

Yes, Lake Memorials after funeral service venues are set up and taken care of for you. Our professional and caring staff are aware of the fact that you are going through a difficult time. We know that setting up a memorial service for is the last thing on your mind.

Whether you only need table, chair, and decor setup, or appetizer preparations, to a full memorial service lunch or dinner setup, we will take care of it for you. If you utilize our indoor after funeral banquet hall, or our outdoor memorial service area, we will ensure every single detail is taken care of for you and your family.

Additionally, a projector and screen for sharing memories will be conveniently setup. Also, the setup and breakdown team will ensure you won’t have to lift a finger so that you can concentrate on what matters most.

Information for Those Planning an After Funeral Memorial Meal In the Desert Shores Area of Summerlin

After Funeral Reception Lunch or Dinner - Lake Memorials in the Desert Shores Area of SummerlinIf you are seeking out memorial service decor information, then it’s possible you may also need details on post funeral meals in Las Vegas. If this is the case, here are a few helpful links for your reference:

Las Vegas Memorial Appetizer Packages

Las Vegas Remembrance Buffet Packages

If you find your guest count is in between two tiers, you can also conveniently add more guests.You can do this by paying per additional guest. View our main Las Vegas after funeral meal packages page for more details.

Let Lake Memorials Help You Plan Your Las Vegas Memorial Service

At Lake Memorials in the Desert Shores area of Summerlin, we have the experience and the compassion to make your post funeral celebration of life service a meaningful and memorable event. Additionally, if you prefer a beautiful garden memorial service in Las Vegas, or an indoor banquet hall service, we can make it happen for you. You can trust our dedicated staff to cater to you and your guest’s needs. If you would like to plan a celebration of life service, simply contact Lake Memorials online, or give us a call at (702) 762-2812.

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